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If everything that you do with your hands is art, then you are an artist.

These are the words that we live by. Excellence is a choice in everything we set our hands to do, and your home will be brought to new life or back from the dead in the hands of a skilled team of log home artists, all personally trained in Restoring Log Homes - The Artistic Way, and in the Sashco methodologies and techniques.


1999: Jeffus moves into his first log home; an abandoned, hand hewn, high mountain cabin once occupied by John Denver for the filming of several television Christmas specials.

2001: Begins work for a custom dovetail log and solar homebuilder in Ohio.

2003: Jeffus restores his first home, continuing to restore several more over the next decade.

2015: Attends and graduates from Sashco Zero Failures coursework, only to attend a second full training the following year.

2016: Founds 8650 Restoration, which goes on to become Colorado's largest log home restoration company.

2020: Founds Jeffus Log Home Stain & Service, a new build and log maintenance provider.

2022: HGTV's Fixer to Fabulous calls on Jeffus Log Home Stain & Service to restore a log home for Season Four, Episode Eight. Along with his team of fellow artists, they brought an architectural gem back to life in what many viewers consider their favorite HGTV series episode ever.


We personally meet with the builder and owner of every home we service, inspecting and appraising each inch of the structure. our team then designs a custom plan to meet the needs and budget of discriminating, custom log homeowners and builders. 

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